The Canadian Garrison

The Canadian 501st

The Canadian Garrison ( is part of the world’s premier Imperial Star Wars costuming fan club. Our stormtroopers, Sith lords, bounty hunters and royal guards are among the 4000+ members of a larger organisation known as the Fighting 501st which spans over twenty countries. If you have a calling to the Dark Side, you’ll feel right at home here!

Despite our intimidating image, the is always eager to volunteer in community events — after all, they give us a chance to have fun in costume! Since our formation in 1999, we have had the opportunity to be part of numerous charity events, fundraisers, movie premieres, parades, promotional events, and conventions. We invite you to explore our website for more information on our future and past activities, and members. Should you have any questions that are not addressed in the frequently asked questions page (FAQ) please feel free to e-mail us.

Who knows? You may find yourself being the Empire’s newest recruit!

Canadian 501st Command Staff

  • TK 18371 Garrison Events Coordinator (GEC)

    Andy Seto

  • TB 3648 Garrison Charity Representative (GCR)

    Sierra Trees-Turner

  • TK 96004
    TK 96004 Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)

    Gerald J Gyorffy

  • TK 63469 Garrison Membership Liaison (GML)

    Antony Lawrence

  • BH 2530
    BH 2530 Special Projects

    Glen Cruz

  • SL 89666
    SL 89666 Special Projects

    David M Goodfellow

  • TK 6178
    TK 6178 Garrison Treasurer

    Paul Jursa

  • TK 52349
    TK 52349 Garrison Merchandise & Brandung (GMB)

    Jason E Clinansmith

  • TI 24295
    TI 24295 Garrison Commander of the Guard (GCOC)

    Justin J Tomlinson

  • TI 13719
    TI 13719 Garrison Diversity Officer (GDO)

    Christina M Boulard

  • TK 6067
    TK 6067 Vendor Donation Liaison

    Bill W Plewes

  • TI-19653 Garrison Website Liaison (GWL)

    Alex Kung

Our Mission

Our Mission: To Promote Interest in Star Wars While a growing number of people are experiencing a reawakening of their Star Wars fandom, new generations are seeking ways to celebrate their passion for George Lucas’s modern mythology. The 501st Legion brings these fans together, reinforcing the enduring longevity of the Star Warssaga. To Facilitate the Use of Costumes Some fans are content to collect action figures…other fans want to be action figures. Nothing professes your passion quite like building your own detailed costume replica of a classic Star Wars villain, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes from bringing the characters ofStar Wars into the real world and sharing the magic with others. To Contribute While our organization was founded to simply provide a collective identity for costuming fans with similar interests, the 501st is proud to put its resources to good use through fundraising, charity work, and volunteerism.


Canadian 501st Sister Garrisons

For those not in Central Ontario please feel free to visit these other great Garrisons and Squads located across Canada.

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