New Trooper – TK 11973



Name & ID:
Darryn Chidley TK 11973

Where are you from?
Kitchener, Ontario

Why did you join the 501st?
have been a life long fan of Star Wars. Collecting the toys as a child and always dreaming of owning my own costume. I purchase the Anovos kit online then sat back and waited for delivery notices to start going out. I joined the Anovos Stormtrooper Kit Building Group on Facebook and was overwhelmed with all the people talking about the 501st. I was well aware of the 501st and all the great charity work they did, but never thought I would be able to achieve a build worthy of the 501st. With patients and determination I was able to become a proud member of a great organization filled with great people.

What inspired you to choose this costume?
I have always loved the original Stormtrooper. The unique mask and clean looking suit – this in my favorite character in the Star Wars universe.