Brian Nowak

Brian Nowak

ROTJ Royal Guard
March 1st 1957 – November 25th 2018.
Brian Joined the 501st Canadian Garrison after his son, wanting to bring the same positivity to others that only the 501st can. He Joined with one costume, a ROTJ Royal Guard, but had what seemed to be hundreds of Force Pikes.  He treasured his time in the Garrison more than anything, and it made him so happy to help at events and make others smile while in costume.

Dianna Ronald
ID 1774

Imperial Officer
October 11th, 1966 – July 23rd 2015
Star Wars was a huge part of Dianna’s life and the 501st was an important connection. She thrived on being part of a community that was just as passionate about bringing joy and helping people as she was. Her memory lives best in the friends she made a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Nicholas R Ring
TC 5986

ACR Trooper and ANH TK Stunt
May 9th 1986 – July 5th 2008.
Nicolas enjoyed applying his love of Star Wars to the charitable activities of the 501st. He was taken from us far too early.

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