Commanding Officer: Brian Hunter

Executive Officer: Aaron Beam

Diversity Rep: Glenn Cruz

Public Relations Officers: Steve Chiu, Phil Hogg

Media inquiries, feedback on social media posts or communication to members

Garrison Membership Liaison: Jessica Bowyer

Costume guidelines or general membership questions

Charity Representative: Sierra Trees-Turner

Central liaison with charities

Garrison Web Liaison: Leisa Knapp

Content posted on the 501st.ca website

Garrison Events Coordinators: Ken Morse, Karl Felts, Matt Matthew Buie and Dan Sloman

Garrison event logistics or opportunities

Garrison Captain of the Guard: Tristan Craig Kenwell

Questions or concerns about member conduct

Garrison Treasurer: Paul Jursa

Garrison finances, including distribution of convention passes

Garrison Special Projects/props: Tristan Craig Kenwell

Tantive Admin: Bradley Davies

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